Power Shift is a campaign that seeks to shift both the corporate power and the electric power in our current society in the hopes of becoming a renewable energy based society in the future.

In 2016, electricity retailing was completely liberalized in Japan, allowing Japanese households to choose which power company to buy their electricity from. Since then, electric companies aiming to utilize renewable energy have appeared one after the other in various regions.

While gathering and delivering widely spread public opinion such as “I want to choose electricity from renewable energy that was made mainly by citizens and communities” to the government, we will also communicate these needs to the electric power companies.

Electricity is used by everyone.
What kind of electricity company will you make payment to every month?
In this campaign, we will advance Power Shift in businesses and offices as well as ordinary households.

The Power Shift is a campaign in which anyone who agrees to its mission can participate whether it is individually or through various citizens’ groups and its network.

In the Power Shift campaign, we introduce electric companies that are working towards the “Five Important Points” listed below.

Please use this as a resource when choosing an electric company. By supporting these electric companies, we can advance the Power Shift of electricity!

1.             Discloses information such as power supply configuration and environmental burden in an easily understandable manner to consumers

2.             Procures its energy primarily from renewable energy power generation facilities (including FIT)

3.             Does not procure any of its energy from nuclear power plants or coal-fired power plants (excluding backup supply)

4.             Emphasizes renewable energy generation facilities run by regional communities and citizens

5.             Does not have capital relationship with a major electric power company


*Click here for more details: http://power-shift.org/choice/

We will continue to conduct interview based research so that we can discover and introduce more “Power Shift electric companies”.

*Power Shift Experience Stories (Power Shifts of companies and offices included) http://power-shift.org/people/